This program generates a listing of information about a CRSPAccess database. Information generated includes creation date, last modification date, data cut date, binary type, CRSPAccess version, product code, product name, data version, a list of data sets available, and a list of calendars available. It takes a parameter of the database location and an optional parameter for an output file. If no output file is given the information is printed to the terminal. To run the program, type the name of the program followed by parameter options at a command prompt. The parameters follow.


crsp_show_db_info inpath [outfile]

Parameter Values


Input CRSPDB directory path. The directory where the database is stored. Standard environment names can be used such as $CRSP_DSTK or $CRSP_MSTK on UNIX, %crsp_dstk% or %crsp_mstk% on Windows.

(optional) Output CRSPDB directory path. The file where the output will be written. If this option is not included, the output will be printed to the terminal.


crsp_show_db_info %crsp_mstk%
Create date : Sat Nov 14 17:48:30 1998
Mod date : Sat Nov 14 18:07:36 1998
Cut date : 19981030
Binary type : L (IEEE little endian)
Code Version : CA97_2.1
Product code : MAZ
Product name : CRSP NYSE/NYSE American/NASDAQ Monthly History
Data Version : 1
Settypes Setids
1(STK) 20(monthly stocks)
3(IND) 400(monthly index groups)
3(IND) 420(monthly index series)
101( 3) Monthly Calendar
300( 3) Annual Calendar
310( 3) Quarterly Calend
100( 3) Daily Calendar
500( 3) Weekly Calendar

This command will summarize the monthly database

crsp_show_db_info $CRSP_MSTK