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Manager Outperformance: Is It Luck Or Skill?

Seeking Alpha

The University of Chicago's Center for Research and Security Prices (CRSP) Survivorship-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database served as the underlying data source for our study.

GMO: How to Build a Better Target Date Fund


First, we needed a set of active mutual fund returns that dated back to the 1970s. The Center for Research in Security Prices, or CRSP, is a highly regarded database of individual security and mutual fund data, maintained by University of Chicago.

The S&P 500 Remains Relevant at 60

The index is still a strong brand in an increasingly commoditized industry.

Lesson of the Century: Most U.S. Stocks Can’t Even Beat a T-Bill

Of the nearly 26,000 stocks in Hendrik Bessembinder’s database, more than half are losers.  Against T-bills, that is. Paper is also available on SSRN.

Are 'short-termism' and 'quarterly capitalism' still a thing?

Hillary Clinton actually did have an economic message, not that she effectively delivered its various versions. One interesting component was opposition to “quarterly capitalism.”


Think Global to Avoid Shrinking U.S. Stock Market

Bloomberg View

Research from Dimson, Marsh and Staunton in their Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2017 show just how dominant the U.S.

Books Citing CRSP Data

CRSP data is cited by a number of leading scholarly text books. This aggregator helps locate relevant publications for teaching and research. 

Industry classification schemes: An analysis and review

Taylor & Francis Online

This article examines the industry classification schemes used in business research from the Standard Industrial Classification system and the North American Industry Classification System to market-based industry classification schemes like the Global Industry Classification and the Industry Cla

Dimensional Fund Advisors Grapples With Its Future

Institutional Investor

The smart beta pioneer now manages $445 billion in assets. But can the privately held firm survive its original team?

This Basically Anonymous Fund Manager Oversees $800 Billion

Take a rare look behind the scenes at an index fund with Vanguard's Gerry O'Reilly, manager of the world's largest mutual fund.


Financial Market Data Spending Hits $27b in 2016, Driven by Americas, Asia

According to a report published by Burton-Taylor International Consulting, part of TP ICAP group, 2016 saw an increase of 3.45 percent in global spending of financial information, ultimately reaching a figure of $27.48 billion during the year. 

The Dying Business of Picking Stocks

Passive investing has become investors’ default, driving billions into funds that track indexes. It’s transforming Wall Street, corporate boardrooms and the life of the neighborhood broker.

Why Investors Need to Stop Distrusting Wall Street

Few people realize that since the bursting of the tech bubble from 2001-2003, the stock market has had positive total returns, as measured by the total market indexes of MSCI and CRSP, in every calendar year except 2008.  That record was intact again in 2015 as the CRSP total market index provided an admittedly minuscule, but still positive, return of 0.40%.  

Why Index Investing Wins

J.B. Heaton, Nick Polson and J.H. Witte recently authored a nice short paper—it’s all of four pages—entitled “Why Indexing Works.” In it, the authors developed a simple stock selection model to explain why active equity fund managers tend to underperform their benchmark index.

90 Years of asset returns in 30 Seconds

Since 1960, CRSP has curated the research-quality market data included in the US Stock Database, which begins in December 1925. With the help of our partners at Investments Illustrated, the nine decades of prices and returns are compressed into this unique graphical presentation. For more illustrations of investment risk and return, please visit our Investments Illustrated Charts resources page.